The fucking genius is back


Noel Gallagher on his new single - In The Heat Of The Moment.

"Alright…Do I have to introduce myself?"

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@saspg - Sea selfie #sealfie?

Muero por saber que está escuchando

Anónimo asked:
You have a guilty pleasure right now?

Well I probably win some stop following me right now, but lately I love Harry Styles, it’s too cute and hot ..
P.D I don’t like One Direction, just Harry …..


unfollow en 3,2,1 …thanks anon!

from the DailyMail online - Noel on family holidays in Spain

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CONFIRMED: Noel Gallagher finished recording new album



Remember those photos we showed you fellas the other day of Noel being in New York? We’ve got more info on those pics.

It was with relief that a few days ago we heard Noel was mastering new album material in New York last week at the Sterling Sound Mastering Studio, but we couldn’t confirm…

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